When Should You Hire a Pre Wedding Photographer in Melbourne?

Pre-wedding photography is quite important for couples who want to capture their romantic moments before their wedding day. That’s why there’s a huge demand for pre-wedding photographers in Melbourne every year.

But, do you know when is the right time to book your pre-wedding photographer? And, how to choose the best photographer for the pre-wedding shoot? To know the answers, scroll down!

• What is a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

Pre-wedding photography refers to the photography that takes place before the wedding of couples. It usually captures the couples and their togetherness in beautiful sceneries. Pre-wedding photos are very romantic as they only focus on the bond of couples without involving any rituals that take place on wedding days. So, any romantic shoot that captures couples in a romantic mood before their wedding can be termed pre-wedding photography. For a successful pre-wedding shoot, couples need to hire professional photographers who are skilled enough and experienced in pre-wedding photography. They often choose the theme for pre-wedding shoots for couples.

There are themes based on which couples dress up in formal or casual outfits and showcase their love that gets captured in photographs. For example, some couples give proposal reactions in their pre-wedding photos while others exchange rings and give the message ‘save the date’. Most pre-wedding photographs take place outdoors such as amidst mountains or on the sea beaches where nature is visible as the background of the photos. Some pre-wedding night photographies also take place in parks or restaurants where the couples are captured enjoying a romantic date or a candlelight dinner. These are the main attractions that complete a pre-wedding shoot.

• When Should You Hire a Pre-Wedding Photographer?

Based on the above explanation, it’s evident that you need to hire a pre-wedding photographer much before your wedding day. You can contact any photographer in Melbourne and ask for their free dates before your wedding. Couples usually plan their pre-wedding shoots three to one months before their wedding day. That’s because the photos are processed through editing and colour correction and then presented to the couples by the photographers. This post-production required a couple of weeks depending on how busy the photographers are. After getting the pre-wedding photos, the couples post them on social media to let everyone know of their upcoming wedding. That’s why pre-wedding shoots need to be done months before a wedding takes place. And for this reason, you need to hire a pre-wedding photographer at least six months before your wedding.

• How Should You Hire a Pre-Wedding Photographer?

To hire a pre-wedding photographer, you can try multiple ways. The easiest way is to ask your friends and relatives for a recommendation. If any of your friends or family members have got married recently, they will be able to give you the contacts of their wedding and pre-wedding photographers. Another way to choose a pre-wedding photographer is by searching on Google. You’ll get some local photographers with their contact details. You may also get their websites or portfolios online. By checking them out, you’ll be able to get a reliable photographer for your purpose.

• Does a Wedding Photographer Provide Pre-Wedding Photography Service?

Well, mostly, yes! Most wedding photographers provide pre-wedding photography separately or as a complete package with the wedding photography service. But, that doesn’t mean that pre-wedding photography comes as a complementary service. Separate charges are added with wedding photography charges, which can vary depending on the experience of the photographers and the quality of their service. So, if you’re wondering whether you’ll ask your wedding photographer to cover your pre-wedding shoot or not, just go ahead!

That’s all about pre-wedding photography! If you’re looking for a premium quality pre-wedding photography service in Melbourne, look no further.

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