The best time to get married in Australia

If you are searching for the best time to get married, then we assume your partner has already popped the question. If we are right, then before we get started congratulations from the Camstudio team. 

As a wedding photographer in Melbourne for over two decades, we can say we have quite a bit of experience to help you choose the right time to get married in this diverse country.

“What is the best time to get married in Australia?” We have come across this question quite a lot of times. So in this blog, we will share every detail we have faced or witnessed couples face in the process of planning their wedding, so you can decide the right time to plan your wedding.


In Australia, we think you should go with the season and  decide which season goes with your vibe and taste and plan your wedding accordingly. Every season comes with some pros and cons. Choosing the right time is very important and the first thing you should do, because based on the time, you will choose the venue, the decor, the type of dress you will wear, any specific vendors you want for your wedding, etc. So Lets know the seasons,

Autumn(March – May)

Autumn is undoubtedly the best season to get married in Australia. And as a wedding photographer in Melbourne, this is our favourite season to capture beautiful wedding shots. Craving a touch of cosy romance in your wedding? Then you should go with this season. Autumn paints the landscape in warm hues of gold and crimson. Making it the best backdrop for your wedding pictures.


  • Warm and cozy: Autumn’s weather is just right for outdoor ceremonies and cozy receptions. The guests will not complain about the weather, and we will also enjoy your wedding without freezing or sweating.
  • Beautiful colours: As the seasons change, there will be a wide range of fresh colours that you can use into your wedding images, from blazing leaves to golden vineyards you can use everything.
  • Incredible lights and sunsets:  in Autumn Everything is magically bathed in a warm, golden tone due to the sun’s angle and we love that. A little bit shorter days mean more breathtaking sunsets to give a romantic touch to your big day.Autumn weddings capture nature’s beauty in every frame

cons : 

  • Shorter days: If you are planning a day ceremony, then you have to pack it up really quickly.
  • Peak season: As it is the most demanding wedding season here, you have to really plan early to book your desired venue or vendors and bargain a little more to get a good price on everything.
  • Unpredictable weather: Autumn can be windy and rainy, so have backup plans ready.


Winter (June – August)

Don’t get scared with the temperature. We know this is not the best time to get dressed beautifully and get married, but as every season comes with its own uniqueness, a winter wedding has its advantages as well. Imagine saying “I do” in a snow-dusted lodge with a roaring fireplace or exchanging vows amidst a frosted landscape. Breathtaking, right?


  • Fairytale magic: Snow-covered landscapes and cosy lodges create a unique and romantic atmosphere
  • Savings – Since the winter is often the off-peak season, several venues and vendors could be willing to give discounts during that time.
  • Intimate gatherings:  less crowd,Mulled wine and open fires, layers of clothes to warm up,making your winter wedding feel extra special and cosy
  • The light is softer – Because the sun is lower in the sky during the winter, the light from it is softer. If you’re getting married earlier in the day, this will help your pictures.

Cons : 

  • Weather : Okay, let’s admit, the weather conditions in winter are not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be prepared well enough if you are planning a wedding during this season.
  • Limited outdoor options: Outdoor ceremonies might be impractical due to snow or cold weather.


Spring( September to November): 

Maybe we are a little biassed for the autumn season, but as a competitor spring is also a great season to plan a wedding in australia. Let’s be honest it is very hard to choose a favourite season to pick from this two

Pros : 

  • Gorgeous blooms : As a Indian photographer in melbourne we love to click colours of your life, and in spring the colours are more vibrant due to the huge variety of followers available from jacaranda to wildflowers
  • Temperature : As its competitor autumn, spring also has comfortable weather.
  • Outdoor Ceremonies :  Not too hot, not too cold – just right for outdoor ceremonies.

Cons : 

  • Peak season :  Venues and vendors might be booked up early, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment 
  • Costs can be higher: Spring weddings are popular, which means most things might cost a bit more and unfortunately you might not get discounts.


Summer (December to February):

As a wedding photographer summer is our least favourite season. If you like warmer temperatures and you want a beachy afternoon wedding then we can plan your wedding this time.


  • Long days: Plenty of time for photos, celebrations, and soaking up the sunshine.
  • Plenty of florals to choose from for your wedding decor
  • Opportunities for beach or garden ceremonies


  • Scorching temperatures : summer in australia is quite a thing to handle for a wedding ceremony for the temperature
  • Harsh lighting : the summer light is not at all a good thing for wedding photography.
  • Weather :The hot and humid weather can affect your makeup and hair. Flowers will deteriorate much faster in the heat.The guest can struggle during outdoor ceremonies. The bridal party loses its charm as all the guests lose their energy due to the high humidity. In short it is like a disaster situation.
  • Longer daylight hours: Couples that choose to have their wedding outside will have to wait until the sunset. For that reason, the timing of the ceremony gets shorter as the sun sets very late in the summer.

As we sum up all the seasons’ pros and cons, you have to decide which season resonates with your desired wedding. If you ask us, it is very clear that, as a wedding photographer in Melbourne, we will recommend autumn or spring to choose from. But at the end, it’s your wedding and your day; you should plan it as you want. So go through all the points we cover in this blog and decide the best time to get married in Australia as per your plans. If you need an experienced photographer who is well-versed in the Australian weather and culture, or if you want an experienced Indian wedding photographer in Melbourne for the Indian weeding in Australia, then Camstudio can be a good option for you.

So, we hope you got something out of this blog, ‘The Best Time to Get Married in Australia’., as your wedding adventure awaits! Just grab your compass (and your photographer!), choose your season, and let’s create magic that will echo through the ages.

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