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We are coming with massive experience in Professional photography and videography, along with technical knowledge. Especially in wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, wedding videography, fashion photography, etc. CAMSTUDIO is one of the best wedding photographer in Melbourne who can transform your beautiful moments into a lifetime of cherished memories.

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    Stunning Memories

    We're not just wedding photographers, we will turn your moments into stunning pictures and videos you'll love for years to come

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    Personalised Services

    We personalize our photography to fit your vision. We want to know what you really want, so we can create photos and videos that feel like you.

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    With over 20 years in the field, we brings a wealth of knowledge and skill, guaranteeing top-notch quality in every photo

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    Your life is full of stories worth telling. Transform ordinary moments into cinematic stories with our videography, creating memories you'll cherish forever

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    Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our priority. From the first meeting to the final delivery, we ensure a smooth and enjoyable photography experience.

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    Unique You

    We love all the little things that make you unique, and we'll make sure to capture them in your photos and videos.

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Our Work Videos

Visit our video gallery to see some of the beautiful moments from our clients' pre-wedding photoshoots and wedding photography, or some energetic event videography. As the one of the best wedding videographer in Melbourne, CAMSTUDIO is delighted to offer you the best videography service for your wedding videography or any other event. We carefully capture every aspect of your special day, turning it into everlasting memories with our top wedding videographers in Melbourne.

Why Choose us?

As a photographer who has done professional photography for quite some time, specially as a wedding photographer in melbourne or as a wedding videographer in melbourne it's my responsibility to have that connection and make them feel happy and relaxed when we are shooting them. If we have their trust and confidence in our abilities to capture the perfect shots, then they can be themselves, and we can capture moments for a lifetime.

Great Ideas
We always use try to develop a good concept that suits your purpose, style and mood. You can use a mood board or do a research to collect images that inspire you and relate to your concept.
Professional Skills
Have fun and be creative during the photo shoot. Don't be afraid to try new things and improvise. You can also ask for feedback from your models or your team. Enjoy the process and the results!
Perfect Equipment
Pick the best equipment for your type of photo shoot. For example, if you are doing portrait photography, you should have a camera that can capture facial expressions clearly and a lens that can create a shallow depth of field.
HD Camera [ 4K ]
4K is becoming the new standard for video production and consumption, as more devices and platforms support it and more viewers demand it.
Pick Right Location
The right location is one of the key elements for perfect capture. Pick the right location that matches your concept and has good lighting conditions. If you are shooting outdoors, have a backup plan in case of bad weather. If you are renting a location, make sure it fits your budget and availability.
Experiment with your Lens
Experiment with different angles, perspectives and compositions to create interesting and varied shots. You can use the rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, framing and other techniques to enhance your photos. You can also try different settings on your camera, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance.

What They Say About us

We believe in the power of authentic voices and personal experiences to showcase the impact and value of our photography site. On this page, you'll find testimonials from individuals who did their wedding videography with us, or clicked some portrait photos from our photographers, or visited our photo studio in Melbourne, or somehow engaged with our content, learned from our resources, and experienced the inspiration and growth that our platform provides.

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