Follow 7 common tips for pre-wedding photography

When you have planned to tie the knot with your beloved, it is time for celebration. Of course your wedding reception will be the day of ultimate celebration, why not capturing some special moments before it? Pre-wedding photography is a popular concept nowadays and there are numerous reasons for the same. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to capture some special moments forever. Secondly, it shows the compatibility of both of you to all who are excited for your wedding as much as you. Thirdly, it can depict your love story in the most interesting way. Now that you have found all these reasons worth for investing in a pre-wedding photography.

In this blog, we will share some essential tips from experts that will make your pre-wedding photography experience even more memorable and enjoyable.

Choose your Theme: The first tip is choosing your theme, which has to be unique. You can make a photo story depicting your journey from the first date. Also, you can find out some points of interests of both of you or some common hobbies that shows your compatibility. When you are looking for a more special theme, you can ask your photographer for some suggestions as well.

Hire a Photographer: This one can be a tricky task as you will come across many pre-wedding photographers in town. They all have specific budgets and firstly, you need to know the same. You can see their works, reviews, and budget before making the final selection.

Book a Venue: The third task is booking a suitable venue. According to your theme, booking a venue will save you from the hassle of searching for secluded spaces in your location. You can either opt for a destination pre-wedding shoot or a simple one in your locality.

Quality Matters: Melbourne is filled with photographers, but compromising on quality is not an option. When searching for a pre-wedding photographer, explore their work and compare them based on various factors, including reviews and testimonials from previous clients

Try your Costume: You have to be ready with the costume you will be wearing in your pre-wedding shoot. Try it before the day and see if any changes are required. It will not only save your time, but will also boost your confidence.

Look for Props: Now, when you are ready with the costume, it is time for arranging the props you will need. Your photographer can help you in making the props according to their frame.

Invitation Card: Preparing your wedding invitation card gives you an opportunity to show some creativity. Laminating the pre-wedding photographs in the card is an excellent idea. It will make your wedding invitation process more interesting to all your guests.

Personalized Wedding Guest Book: A wedding guest book is a notepad where your guests can leave their thoughts on the day of your wedding. You can design the wedding guest book cover with one of the pre-wedding photographs. It will definitely make the card more customized and unique.

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