Top 10 tips how to look natural in your wedding photos

Have you hired the best wedding photographer but still feel unsure about how to look natural in your wedding photos?Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this post, we’ll give ten useful tips for achieving a natural and perfect look. By planning ahead of time and following these recommendations, you can ensure that your photographer elegantly captures your best moments on your wedding day.

Let’s get started!

1. Familiarize Yourself with Poses: While many of us adore candid photography, capturing some significant pictures has also become a part of wedding rituals. So, the trick is to bookmark some of the interesting poses that you would like to try. It can be as simple as lifting your gown slowly and stepping up or down the staircases or adjusting your head accessory. Make a list of such moments and study the poses well from the pictures online to try them on your own or  if you know a wedding photography and wedding videography in melbourne who can help you with it, just follow his instructions.

2. Discover Your Best Angles: Looking straight at the camera gives you normal photographs while experimenting with your profile gives you the best portraits. Lift your chin slightly higher and tilt your head at a slight angle to the camera and see how the photograph comes. In this profile, the raised chin gives an illusion of a longer neck and the angle makes you look much better than a straight face.

3. Adjust Your Gown when Sitting: Even if you are extremely fit, the tummy tends to bulge out a bit as you sit wearing a fitted gown. So, the trick is to adjust your gown a little so that the waist portion looks flawless and it makes you look much better.

4. Keep Arms Away from Body: When your photographer clicks you from an angle and your arm is close to your body, it gives an illusion of looking bigger. Have you ever noticed how celebrities pose when the photographer clicks from an angle? They usually keep both the hands or one hand on the hip to look more fit. You can try this trick and see the difference.

5. Embrace Candid Moments: Today, candid photo are the main attraction of a wedding photoshoot. Your photographer wants to see the goofy, candid and fun side of yours. So, be relaxed and enjoy your day. So, never hesitate to laugh, giggle, scowl, stick your tongue out and be natural.

6. Utilize Breathing Techniques: If you are tired of giving poses, just take a deep breath and smile. Your posture will immediately improve as your chest area look more straight. Also, this trick can make your tummy look flatter than usual. Just before the click, breath out and smile without losing the posture. Your smile looks more real and your face looks more relaxed this way.

7. Find the Best Lighting: There can be many spots where you get a vibrant light at the wedding venue. Never stand in front of the light source as it will make you look dull. Instead, always stand or sit behind the light to make the most of it. Another trick is tilting your head so that your face is in the line of the light source.

8. Maintain Proper Shoulder Posture: If the shoulder portion of the wedding gown is very heavy, the shoulder tends to get scrunched up. You need to make sure that your shoulders are upright but in a relaxed, straight line when you are giving poses for photography.

9. Limit Glitter in Makeup: A small amount of glitter is alright but too much of it can make you look very scary in your photos. So, ask your makeup artist about your look as most of the chunky glitters are used as eye shadow or blush.

10. Opt for Low SPF Foundations: Foundations with high SPF (over 30) can reflect light and cause a white flash in photos. Do not panic as this isn’t the case with all foundations and all you need to ensure is the brand you use doesn’t cause it.

Now that you know the ten best tips for flawless wedding photography, go ahead and hire the best wedding photographer in Melbourne. If you are looking for one, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We at Cam Studio provide top-notch wedding photography services to a wide number of clients in Melbourne. You can explore our website or contact us for further information.


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