As a popular style, light trails photography follows specific techniques. It is a photographic technique that is practice by employing long-exposure and other specifications. As a result, the lights become illuminated whereas the background remains crisp and unshaken. The magical effect of the light trails makes it one of the remarkable photographic styles among many.

Shooting at night becomes an adventure when you start capturing alluring night trails photography. Here are some great ideas that every professional photographer must try

Landscape: Light trails in landscapes add colour, shapes and textures. It adds more definition to the otherwise ordinary shot. For instance, it portrays paths and roads in a landscape. Be it a cityscape or a valley, any dark landscape with some interesting colours is suitable for light trails photography

Rockets: For creative light trails photography, rocket can be an appropriate subject. However, such locations are not accessible to all. If you can arrange to shoot a rocket launch, don’t forget to carry a tripod. Composing the background and the rocket position are some important points

Aerial: For a unique perspective, aerial photography using light trail may work wonderfully. Whether you want to highlight the spiral country roads or a busy intersection in a city, the light trails will add more density to the image. Aerial photography is usually taken from drone, helicopter and air planes

Daytime Light Trails: As most of the light trails are captured at night, this makes an offbeat idea. To practice this, you need to be careful in adjusting the long exposure. Chances are higher that you get an overexposed image. You can install a neutral density filter to reduce the light

Milky Way: In any landscape, Milky Way looks mesmerising when captured with lights trail. To practice your skill in this style, you firstly need to be an observer. Know about the position of the milky way in the night sky throughout the year. Accordingly, you can choose the background suitable for the subject.

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