Why Wedding is the Most Memorable Experience in Your Life

Though every day hundreds of couples are tying the knots for lifetime togetherness in Australia, the wedding day is the most memorable experience for each couple. And while the choice of venue and the rituals may vary based on different religious beliefs, what remains constant is hiring a wedding photographer Melbourne. And so, if you are about to plan your wedding day with glitters and sparkles, we are here to tell you how you can ensure the best arrangement for your family, friends and guests.

Planning a wedding day has always been exciting for us as photographers. What we offer through our participation in weddings is some mesmerising captures of the moments that you will perhaps cherish for your lifetime. Be it couple shoot, candid moments or group photography, every single aspect of your wedding matters a lot to us just as they do for you. However, since marriage is a new beginning of your life, you would also want the other things such as the cake, reception catering, venue decoration, and other things to be perfect just like photography. Hence, we are going to share some useful tips that can make the day a grandeur fest for all.

1. Choose a Theme: While you hire wedding photographer to take your dream wedding photograph, you also need to choose a wedding décor theme that reflects your common passions or likings. From the colours to the materials, everything can represent your love when it comes to the reception décor. Lighting is also a big part of wedding decoration that you need to focus on. If the theme is contemporary and romantic, you can install rice lights that’ll give a dreamy touch to the décor. Or, if the theme is traditional, you can think of vintage lamps, lanterns and chandeliers as these will go perfectly with it.

2. Do a Meal Plan: After choosing the wedding décor, you need to focus on the meal preparation for your wedding reception. A wedding meal usually includes a few starters, beverages, main courses and desserts. You can either choose one cuisine or make an assortment of multicuisine dishes in the meal. What’s most important is to do a final headcount by asking all your guests to respond to the wedding invitation. And hiring the best catering unit is also important when making preparation for the wedding food and beverages.

3. Wedding Couture and Makeup: Every bride and groom aspire to look their best on the wedding day. And so, they contact some of the top makeup artists and designers for wedding makeup and costume. We’re sure you must be too excited while planning the same and hence, we are going to share some useful tips on that as well. Firstly, you need to look for the latest trends in wedding gowns, makeup and hairstyle and then confirm a makeup artist by looking at the portfolio. Secondly, you need to ask a wedding photographer Melbourne to capture some moments during the dressing up.

4. Fix a Budget: Now that you’ve done all your planning, you need to create a budget plan based on the expenditure on wedding décor, catering, cake, photography and other services. Also, you can set the budget at the beginning and select the services that meet your budget. While making a budget plan, you need to make sure that you keep some amount of money extra with you as you might require that on your wedding day for various purposes. Also, you need to discuss with the service providers the breakdown of their payments.

Now that you know everything about how to plan your wedding, just go ahead and make your wedding the most memorable experience in your life. If you’re looking for a photography agency in Melbourne that comprises some of the top wedding photographers in town, look no further than us. We at Cam Studio boast of some of the most renowned wedding photographers Melbourne and videographers who can truly make your dream wedding come true. With such an organized team, we provide top-notch services in capturing weddings, anniversaries, pre-weddings, post-weddings, birthdays, family portraits, couple shoots, corporate shoots and all sorts of special events. So, why wait anymore? To know the most exclusive deals and photography plans awaiting you, contact us right away!


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