Wedding planning tips from a Melbourne wedding photographer

Wedding is a special chapter of life where you have ample scope of capturing every moment trough wedding photography or wedding videography.

However, it is essential for photographers to know your requirements and plans so that they come up with the best gadgets. While you brief them about your wedding plans, you can also ask them for some suggestions. Since the wedding photographers are well acquainted with wedding rituals, they can give you some of the most valuable suggestions.

We have jotted down the top wedding planning tips shared by none other than a Melbourne wedding photographer.

To know these tips and apply on your wedding day, scroll down.

1. First Looks are Precious: If your wedding photographer asks you to do your first look, go ahead. It allows you to spend some romantic moments before the wedding with your beloved. Also, it gives you more opportunities to get a lot of your group pictures and family pictures. Hence, you can save time as well. you can also fulfil your dream of getting wow reactions from the people present at your wedding and we are here to tell you how to do that through your wedding photo.

2. Finding the Right Photographer: You can easily find the best photographer by reading through their blog and Facebook. You need to research a little and come up with a list of the right photographers. Then, you can interact with them and choose the most appropriate one for your special occasion.

3. Engagement Photography: Skipping out on the engagement session can be a wrong choice as you won’t be able to make a proper album otherwise. If you plan to do the engagement ceremony before the wedding, always hire your wedding photographer for the same occasion. It gives you and your partner a chance to connect with your photographer so that they can provide images that are natural and complete your style.

4. Personalized Wedding Photography: The choices and preferences of you and your partner can reflect on the wedding theme to make your wedding look more special. While many of us know what a wedding theme means, the photographers ask you to take one step ahead of it. You can use innovative props in the wedding couple shoots that suggest your likes and dislikes.

5. Know the Budget: You need to make a proper budget before you book the wedding venue, hire a professional photographer and proceed with the same. However, don’t use a typical wedding resources budget calculator as that might not suffice your needs. Instead, sit down and first list the order of importance to finalize your plans.

6. Hire a Wedding Coordinator: The roles of a wedding coordinator are to help make your wedding day run smoothly and execute what you want your day to be while working with all your vendors. Some unexpected situations do arise while getting all these things done and a wedding coordinator is the best person to manage all unexpected hiccups.

7. Family Pictures: There is always a list of preference while taking family pictures. You need to introduce your photographer to the family members and special guests so that they never miss a single frame. Also, to make it easier for your photographer, think 3-5 groups, not 15-20.

8. Follow the Post-Process: You can work with your photographer to make your pictures even more amazing. Don’t be hesitant to share suggestions and bring in ideas. The more you will contribute, the more your photographer will understand your choices. Wedding videography and photography also depends on how you want it to be.

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