Top Australian Wedding Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind

All weddings are unique and special in their own way and Australian weddings are no exception. The cultural values, religious beliefs and other factors matter a lot in determining the wedding rituals in every part of the globe and so is in Australia.

If you’re interested to know these wedding traditions of Australia and want to include some of them in your wedding to get the best wedding photographers Melbourne, this blog is just for you. Scroll down and we can assure you that some of these traditions can simply blow your mind.

1. White Wedding Couture: Today, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a bridal gown. But, in Australia, white wedding gowns are the most common as they are considered the traditional wedding outfit of Australia. For centuries, white wedding dresses have adorned the beauty of Australian brides and this tradition is continuing to do so even today.

2. Walking Down the Aisle: Though the traditional way of walking down the aisle is that the bride should be accompanied by only her father and the bride’s mother will be right behind the groom who’s leading the processional, a bride is accompanied by both the parents while walking down the aisle in her wedding in Australia. It’s the traditional way of walking down the aisle in Australia.

3. The amalgamation of Old and New: In Australia, it is believed that mixing something old with something new will bring prosperity to the newly married couple’s life. Hence, the bride can wear or carry something old or antique in the wedding that’s passed through the ancestors. Brides are also gifted heirloom jewellery or some old valuable pieces by their parents or parents-in-law at the wedding.

4. Lamington over Cake: In Australian weddings, the dessert preferred is not the wedding cake but lamington. It’s in the tradition of Australia to celebrate with lamingtons rather than cutting cakes. In case you don’t know what lamington is all about, it’s a vanilla-flavoured cake that’s coated with chocolate and coconut flakes. The cake tastes amazing and is a part of Australian culture.

5. Unveiling the Bride: Another beautiful tradition of Australian weddings is that the bride will hide her face with a veil when they’ll walk down the aisle. The veil won’t be uncovered until the groom uncovers it as she arrives. This ritual is not only quite exciting for the couple and the guests but also can get you some amazing photographs captured by the indian wedding photography melbourne.

6. Smoking Ceremony: If you’re wondering what a smoking ceremony at a wedding is all about, here is it explained. At Australian weddings, plants or herbs are burnt and the smoke is fanned to the newlywed couples. That’s because it is believed that this ritual will keep ill spirits at bay and will also bring peace and prosperity to their life. It’s an ancient tradition of the aborigines and settlers.

7. Wedding Unity Bowl: This is a fun game played during weddings in Australia to know certain things about the future of the couple. There’s a bowl in which the family members put stones that either has different colours or have the bride’s and groom’s name written. This is done to identify the names and then, the movement of the stones determines certain things at the end of the game.

Now that you know the top Australian wedding traditions that are simply mindblowing, go ahead and make the most of it on your wedding day. If you’re on the lookout for the best wedding photographers in Melbourne to capture the best moments at your wedding, feel free to get in touch with us.

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