Top 7 perfect themes for your wedding in winter

Are you planning your wedding this winter? Then, you must be ready with the wedding theme as well. Most of the couples get super excited when it comes to planning their wedding themes. While the royal or traditional themes are eternally beautiful, there is no harm in experimenting a little. Planning the theme ensures best wedding photography and hence, we are here with seven winter wedding theme ideas for you to consider. So, go ahead and explore these ideas to plan your own.

1. Traditional Royal Theme: No matter what, traditional royal winter weddings are always special. Bright chandeliers, elegant curtains and shimmery tabletops just set the mood for the special moment while the guests congregate to bless the couple. It is the moment when your photographers get the best frames of the day.

2. Rustic Country Theme: It is almost like a feeling of revisiting your old country house. Camstudio can help you with wedding venues perfectly. The wedding venue can be decored with bare wood tables, rough linen napkins, greenery and muted colours to make it look rustic and romantic. Green and brown should be the dominating colours in the decor.

3. Fairy Tale Theme: Snow White or Cinderella? Which fairy tale you loved the most or still love? How about planning your winter wedding in a fairy tale theme? You can absolutely make this dream theme a reality by hiring a wedding planner. Since fairy tale theme is a little more creative and fancy, you need to appoint the right people to execute it well.

4. Winter Sports Theme: For those who are sports enthusiasts, the sports wedding theme is possible in winter. Many couples are planning skiing, ice skating, or snowboarding wedding themes that are fun and thrilling. To show your common love for adventure with your partner, why not choose this theme? It can be followed by a fun honeymoon to a ski resort or other winter destination.

5. Jingle Bells Theme: Christmas wedding theme is very common and therefore, you can add a twist by naming the theme as Jingle Bells. Red and green costumes, lighted trees, and Mr and Mrs Santa Claus figurines are the main elements of this theme. To add more fun, you can use bell decorations and favours to accessorize the venue.

6. Ice Blue Theme: Color themes for the wedding are the most popular choices. Interestingly, the choices of colours keep on changing from season to season. While the romantic pink theme is found in almost ten out of a hundred weddings during summer, you can choose an ice blue theme for your winter wedding. Light blue and silver should be the dominating colours and crystal accents can be the showstoppers.

7. Neon-lit Decor: It is one of the most happening wedding themes this year. Neon colours are very strong and vibrant and therefore, a little knowledge and some tips are required before you plan a neon-lit wedding. Mixing the neon shades with neutral colours is one such crucial tip you must follow. Also, do not forget to add flowers, all in bright and vibrant colours.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your wedding theme successful by planning ahead. You can either choose to plan everything on your own or consult a wedding planner for an outstanding result. Also, you need the wedding photographer Melbourne to capture every moment of your D-day.

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