Top 10 secrets to get perfect portraits on your wedding

Wedding portraits photography is all about posing well. Knowing how to pose will surely help you get perfect portraits at your wedding. However, the concept of posing may sound extremely nerve-wracking for some would-be brides. To help all those individuals, here are some portraits photography tips and techniques on posing shared. These tips can be easily followed by all, including brides and grooms. If you are able to get the posing techniques well, you are sorted for all types of photography. So, without any further ado, let’s explore the points below.

1. Be Confident: The first key to getting good photography is confidence, which should come from within. If you are confident enough on your wedding day, it reflects wonderfully. If you panic too much, it also reflects in the wedding photographs. So, do not panic excessively and start enjoying the day with some positive vibe. You can start meditating every day for half an hour from a month before your wedding as it will help you to get relieved from the anxiety or peer pressure that might arise.

2. Be Yourself: Most wedding photographers in Melbourne claim that candid is the best style of photography. The photographers do not want shots that are forced or implied. Instead, they ask the bride or groom to be themselves and do whatever they are doing, without looking at the camera. If you can follow this tip perfectly, you will get some good candid portraits on your wedding day.

3. Tying the Bow Tie: For the groom, it is the best pose. Similar shots include buttoning the suit jacket, lacing shoes, and fastening the watch.

4. Admiring the Dress: For the bride, it is the best pose. Wedding portrait photographers love capturing this moment as almost every bride admires her dress beautifully.

5. The First Look: This one is very important and the secret to getting a perfect portrait of your first look is to be charming and confident.

6. The Twirl: Wedding dresses come to life while twirling. All you need to do is twirl around like a ballerina and the final photograph will be dazzling.

7. Candid Laughter: Not only during the prep time but also during wedding party portraits, candid laughter looks brilliant. Most wedding pose mistakes are done by the couple acting who remain stiff and unnatural during posing. That’s why wedding photographers and videographers always request the couple to pretend they’re not there. But, it is not as easy as it seems. Hence, here are some easy fixes to pose naturally with cameras snapping.

8. Close-Eyed Kissing: It is not natural to kiss with open eyes. On the wedding day, the couples adopt this style out of nervousness and it looks very cute. It totally depends on your photographer which moment of kissing she or he wants. If you are in doubt, you need to try close-eyed kissing as it would look natural.

9. Don’t Over Practice: The experts suggest you not to practice smiling and other poses too much as it might make you look overly self-conscious. It happens because you start overthinking when you practice too much.

10. Communicate: Good communication is important when it comes to wedding photography. Be it your worries, doubt or excitement, feel free to share anything you want with your wedding portraits photographer.

Now that you know the above ten tips on wedding portrait photography, go ahead and follow these on your D-day. If you are looking for wedding photographers for your wedding, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We at Cam Studio offer top-notch services in wedding portraits photography. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to know the best wedding photography package we have in store for you!


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