The Secrets of Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is all about artistically documenting the special moments of weddings and making those moments memorable. For every couple, photography plays a vital role in framing each and every detail of their special day. But, the style of wedding photos may vary depending on the choices and preferences of couples and their families. For this reason, candid wedding photos have become widely popular owing to their true essence of portraying real moments in an unfiltered way.

And so, if you want to know the secrets of candid wedding photography, read till the end. In this post, we are going to share some secret tips to get the best candid pictures at weddings. Whether you are a professional photographer or own a photography studio in Melbourne, looking for some useful tips, or a would-be bride/ groom who wants the best pictures of yours on a special day, follow these amazing tips!

  • Make a Plan: Though candid photos are unplanned and natural, you need to be well-planned and predictive before the event as a photographer. The best way to do so is to visit the location and check every detail of the space such as the interior and the architecture. Once you’re familiar with the feel of that space, you will be more confident on the event day.
  • Observe People: Photographers are artists with great observation skills regardless of their style or genre. For candid photography, keen observation of the space, the people and other details is a must. To capture the right moments, you need to observe how the couple is interacting with the guests, how the atmosphere is changing with new connections, etc.
  • Be Unobtrusive: To capture candid wedding images, you need to be inconspicuous or someone who doesn’t attract attention. Blending with the overall atmosphere will help the couple and the guests stay candid and real, which will help you to get the best photos. You can choose to wear light or pastel shades and nothing should be too flashy in your appearance.
  • Be Proactive: For candid pictures at weddings or any function, you need to be on your toes always so that you don’t miss any special moment. Paying attention to all the moments will really help you find the most interesting frames and shoot instantly. You also need to keep all the gadgets ready so that you make the most of them any time you require them at the event.
  • Talk to the Couple: Being familiar with the couple, the family and the guests is a must for a wedding photographer. Not all couples are comfortable in front of the camera and it could be the ultimate drawback for candid photography. Hence, you need to make them comfortable by talking to them casually about how they feel and what their plans are after wedding.
  • Focus on Details: As a candid photographer at a wedding, you can’t take your eyes off the couple. Also, you need to focus on every detail of the location. These smaller details can help you get the perfect portraits you want. For example, the lace of the bride’s gown, the cuff links of the groom, and the fondant on the wedding cake are some details you need to focus on.
  • Know Your Gadgets: Changing camera settings is important but it may lead to missing some candid shots. Aperture Priority is a semi-automatic mode that you can try sometimes but it may not give you the desired results in every shot. Hence, you need to know your gadget settings like a pro so that you can do that as quickly as you want without missing a moment.
  • Use the Best Lenses: In a wedding, you need to capture the bride and groom in their intimate special moments without being noticed. That’s why the telephoto zoom lens works as the most appropriate gadget because it lets you capture these close-up shots from a distance without bothering them. Additionally, it also blurs the background and highlights the subject.
  • Avoid Using Flash: For candid pictures, a wedding photographer in Melbourne should always use natural lights instead of flash. That’s because the real essence of candid photographs lies in their softness or natural characteristics. Natural lights never distract the subject and create a perfect balance of shadows and illumination, making the photos look real.
  • Continuous Shoot: Candid moments are unpredictable and fleeting. Once you miss a chance to shoot a moment is always gone. And so, if you don’t want to do such mistakes, continuous mode shooting can be the ultimate solution. Also, when you are trying to capture the most intimate and candid moment of action, continuous shooting will help you choose the best picture.

So, the above 10 secrets of candid wedding photography can really help you capture the best images at a wedding. If you want to know more or hire a professional candid wedding photographer from our house, you can contact us. At Cam Studio, we provide creative wedding videography and photography services at an affordable cost in Melbourne. You can also hire us to capture your pre-wedding, post-wedding, anniversary, birthday and every other social or corporate event.

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