Get Beautiful Wedding Photographs With 3 Colorful Tips

As brides and grooms to be, there is a lot of pressure for the most vital day in life. From booking the venue to planning a wedding theme, there are numerous tasks that you have to accomplish correctly. Among the many decisions to make, choosing a wedding photographer is undoubtedly one of the most crucial. After all, successful wedding photography can ensure that you cherish those beautiful moments your entire life. Whether you have already booked your photographer or going to hire the best team, here are some excellent wedding photography tips that will help you to set the mood.

Wedding photography is a special genre that focuses on capturing the essence and emotions of weddings. It may include other events related to the wedding such as a pre wedding photoshoot in melbourne, post-wedding shoot and engagement as well as haldi or mehndi rituals. On the wedding day, the photographers capture beautiful portraits of the bride, groom and guests. They also provide documentary photography coverage to document the different wedding events and rituals. Now, without any further delay, let’s quickly give you some awe-striking wedding photography tips and ideas.

1. Pink, Blue and Ivory: You can embrace your playful side through your wedding decoration theme of pink, blue and ivory. As pink creates a positive vibe in the environment, a hint of blue perfectly balances it, ensuring you do not overdo it. The soothing ivory can infuse a neutral base shade. Shades of pink and blue are perfect for a wedding, whether you pick deep undertones or experiment with light pastels.
You can add gradients of both pink and blue to make the décor look complete. Adding deep mauves and pastel blues to your bouquet will give a new dimension to the décor. Also, you can arrange light pink and blue candles around your reception space. The ivory base should be prominent so that one shade doesn’t feel stronger than the other.

• Theme: Classy wedding decor
• Colors:  pink, blue, mauve, ivory etc.
• Ideal for: Indoor settings

2. Emerald and Ruby: If you want to create a traditional wedding colour theme that gives perfect holiday vibes, choosing emerald and ruby can be a great idea. Emerald and ruby are jewel tones that can serve as complementary wedding décor colours. Jewel tones are synonymous with cooler months and choosing this colour palette will let you have a luxe, moody wedding. Don’t forget to add a base colour such as mauve or taupe to balance out both the gorgeous shades.
While planning for the decoration colours, stick to deeper shades of red and green. If you want to create an earthy vibe, you can include lots of fresh greenery in the decor. If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, this theme will look extremely luxurious. Also, you can enhance the glamour by adding an accent with shimmering metallics. Dark wood or fresh baby’s breath can add texture and dimension to your palette.

• Theme: Holiday wedding decor
• Colours: Emerald, ruby, metallic shades, white etc.
• Ideal for: Outdoor/Indoor setting

3. Yellow and Blush: For the lovers of bohemian wedding decor, this unique colour combination suits the best. Yellow and blush, when infused at the right proportion, also look very romantic. If you want a bright and summery vibe, go for crisp shades of pink, yellow and white. The darker and muted shades such as daffodil, salmon and mohair fit for a trendy desert vibe.
An outdoor setting is the best for this colour theme. One thing you need to consider is that the classier you want the ambience, the brighter shades you need. For the décor, accent muted hues with natural, grassy plants are perfect. Also, you can add cosy seating areas and lots of warm lighting to complete the entire decor.

• Theme: Bohemian wedding decor
• Colours: Yellow, blush, pink, daffodil, white etc.
• Ideal for: Outdoor setting

Above are some great colourful tips that can make your wedding decor all set for photography. Now that you know these amazing wedding Photography tips, go ahead and make the best out of them.

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