Black and White Fashion Photography

Black and white fashion photography is a beautiful genre of photography that follows its specific permutation and combination. It is one such genre that many photographers tend to leave unexplored. Seeing and imagining in Black and White can be a daunting task as we all are mostly accustomed to so many colours around us. However, this difficult genre allows the photographers to discover a new dimension of seeing and thinking. This is the reason why it has become an inseparable part of fashion photography Melbourne.

Moreover, black and white photography is perhaps one of the widely discussed topics in a photography debate. It is an interesting topic that highlights both the pros and cons of this style. While some photographers always prefer colour to the black and white mode, many photographers are fascinated with the latter. Here are some points that highlight the genre in detail, trying to find out its many prospects. Also, we will try to find out the reasons for choosing black and white photography for specific frames.

Some photographers and critics believe that black and white photography is an old concept whereas some strongly believe this mode to be a creative choice. Hence, they never fail to explore and play with multiple aspects of this model. As colour is mostly removed in black and white photography contrasts, textures, and tones are given utmost priority in this style. Though the process of thinking in black and white might seem a little difficult at the beginning, the final outcome can be worth it. Now, let us know the necessity of this mode in portraying certain emotions.

• The Model: Usually, fashion photography highlights the model and their costume and black and white photography does it with a little more detailing. A well-done shoot highlights the right things but black and white photography tend to focus more on body language, stature, expressions and emotion. Though it loses the element of colour, it adds more to the other aspects. Hence, models who are pro in highlighting these aspects are apt for this style of photography. The photographers mainly prefer models who are good at communicating emotions through their eyes and their prominent features.

• The Makeup: Black and white photography technically brings out more of the blemishes and flaws on the skin and therefore, makeup is extremely important for this style. It may involve a lot more makeup skill and thicker layers of makeup. Experienced makeup artists are appropriate for this style of makeup as it requires a better understanding of the right applications. Models with good skin are preferred by makeup artists for this style of photography. However, if the photographer is thinking of making it more natural by keeping the blemishes and flaws intact, makeup may not be that much necessary.

• The Outfit: A fashion shoot is incomplete without a good set of outfits and accessories. In black and white photography, the photographer has to pay even closer attention to the outfits. Clothing that has high contrast suits this style of photography the best fashion photographer Melbourne has a huge number of eminent photographers who pay extra attention to the outfits while choosing a black and white photography theme. Also, clothes that have interesting silhouettes, patterns, cuts and flow look wonderful in this style of photography.

• The Lighting: The most interesting part of this photography style is the lighting as there can be so many experiments with shadows. The lighting for black and white photography follows a lot of the same rules as colour photography but there are certain differences as well. Focus on the drop-off is a very common priority as they are the primary source of communication in the picture. Fine-tuning and adjustments are important as well as post-production changes. For beginners, the experts suggest a simple two or three light setup, paired with a beauty dish and reflectors as the main lighting equipment.

• Eliminating Distraction: Color photography portrays the world exactly as we see through our eyes. On the contrary, monochrome highlights textures, lines and shapes. Hence, it is important to understand when to choose this model. As a result, when someone wants to underline every texture and contrast in a photo, this mode becomes essential. Moreover, monochrome can eliminate the distracting colours in a photo and turn them into multiple shades of grey.

• Emotions and Mood: This one is very important a factor when selecting the colour mode. There are certain emotions or mood that only monochrome can bring out in a photograph. The reason is that we often think in black and white. Hence, whenever we see a portrait or any photograph in this mode, it makes us stop and pay attention. Perhaps, we can relate to certain emotions better in this mode.

Communicating thought, emotions and stories without using colour is the main purpose of black and white fashion photography. Are you new in the fashion photography Melbourne circuit and looking for a photography company to provide you with an excellent photoshoot? If yes, feel free to get in touch with us.

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