A Guide to Taking Amazing Pictures of Your Kids

As a parent, you must be super excited about the early memories of your kids. Capturing these moments beautifully will let you cherish them forever. And so, here is everything you need to know about capturing amazing pictures of your kids. No matter whether you’re a professional photographer or not, this comprehensive guide will help you master the art of kids’ photography!

  • Made Your Child Camera Friendly: Just like many adults, children may not be comfortable in front of the camera for the first time. Hence, your first job is to make your child comfortable in front of the lenses. To do the same, you need to be quite patient and keep on shooting till the moment when you get natural shots. For posed shots, you need to be a little more patient till your child starts to enjoy the session. Though this process sounds difficult, it actually isn’t.
  • Use a High-End Camera: To get high-quality images, you need to invest in high-end gadgets. Hence, acquiring a DSLR camera will be the best choice when it comes to capturing the best moments for your kids. Or, if you have an iPhone or a mobile that features a good quality camera, that’ll work as well. But, make sure you get accustomed to all the camera settings before shooting as that’ll help you change the modes and effects according to the atmosphere with ease.
  • Shoot Each and Every Moment: Though posed portrait photos have their own unique charm, candid photos are the most suitable for children. These photos can tell stories and help you capture some real moments of emotion. If you want to ace candid kids’ photography, you need to shoot each and every moment of your child’s activity. Let your child play or do whatever he or she finds interesting and we’re sure you’ll be able to capture the best emotions in action.
  • The Eyes Should be on Focus: The eyes of kids are so glowing and expressive that they can tell a thousand amazing stories. Hence, while capturing your kids, you need to keep a pin-point focus on their eyes. If the face is not in front of you or turned away, then you can shift focus to the nearest eye. But, for that, your camera needs to have a manual focus-shifting feature. iPhone and some high-end smartphone cameras also have this feature, which you can use.
  • Create Unique Composition: While photographing kids, there’s a huge scope for experimenting with compositions. The frame should be your focus, which can be just the way you want. You can keep the frame straight and simple but also change it to a diagonal or other form if you want depending on the atmosphere. There are multiple rules of composition such as the Rule of Thirds and many more that you can study online for a better understanding of all your frames.
  • Be Patient and Anticipate: The next tip for kids’ photography is to have patience because we all know how unpredictable kids are. They can be jovial at some point and the next moment, disappoint you with a dull face. Here, the best part is that parents are naturally patient when it comes to the mood swings of their kids. Parents also love to anticipate the best growing moments of their kids. You need to use this caring and anticipative nature while capturing your children.
  • Bend Down to Reach their Level: If you don’t bend down to the level of your child, you won’t be able to take images at his or her eye level. Hence, bending down or laying down is the formula that can help you get the height of your child. And when it comes to composition, you can play with it as you get down because you will be able to capture low angle and other types of shots. This will let you take the snaps exactly the way a professional photographer would do.
  • Ensure Proper Lighting: For still photography as well as cinematography, lighting is everything. Low lighting compositions can increase grains in the pictures, reducing the overall quality. Hence, if you’re shooting outdoors, you can try shooting in daylight. Otherwise, indoor photography will require a sufficient amount of artificial light. If the indoor space has a great source of natural light, your task is way easier. And for night photography, additional lighting equipment is a must.
  • Learn Editing Software: Finally, once you’ve successfully captured some of your favourite snaps of your kid, it’s time to edit those and minimize all the flaws. Nowadays, you’ll find a plethora of options when it comes to choosing photo editing software. Some of the most popular editing software available online are Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, etc. You can download these apps and also follow online tutorials to know the ins and outs of editing techniques like a pro.

We’re sure you’ll find all the above tips quite useful while capturing the best moments of your child. And if you are looking for professional kid photographers, you can contact us right away. At Cam Studio, we boast a group of exceptional photographers and cinematographers who are the best at kids’ photography. For events like birthdays and rice ceremonies, you can hire an experienced professional photographer from us. So, without waiting anymore, call us today to discuss your needs.

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